Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chloe - our new addition

Here she is! - for those of you who do not have Facebook - Chloe - the new addition to our family.. Five months old and a chocolate labrador - who is as adorable in her temperament as she is gorgeous in looks... Loves stealing and eating apples from under the tree in the garden seems to be the issue at the moment...... Caught her trying to snuggle up to George while he was sleeping.. However George, who actually stopped barking at her on day two, was not having a bar of that... He will come around eventually I am sure...but then again -he is middle-aged and quite a short legged dog who has issues of his own going on! And as for Harry - -well, we won't go there, it will take some time for the big redhead to adjust.. All is not lost though, as Harry is currently stretched out on my bed, waiting for me to turn the computer off...Seems his sulking is only a daytime thing:)


Here is Louis, a wheaton terrier - who I recently photographed in Auckland. Louis was the winner of a pet parade competition at the Four Seasons Pet Store in Glen Innes.
We had a great time- Louis was a great dog to photograph, friendly and fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Here's Sammy - an eight year old domestic shorthair with gorgeous stripes and green eyes. He has been a few battles I imagine - just by looking at those ears! He loved the camera - and wasn't fazed at all (well not much) as I crawled around the lounge after him. Many thanks to the animal wrangler of the day Nicole and her mum Lyn for their distraction tactics and the great coffee too!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here is Rory - -one of my favourite ever dogs:) I am pretty sure Rory was a labradoodle -(not a retradoodle) and being quite a young dog (almost 2) he was playful, but so well behaved with it..
I wish I could say the same for my George...(who is neither young nor well-behaved).
Rory's "looks" have an almost human feel to them - - I think it is the eye colour which does it - as they are very amber toned - not the usual dark brown whch feature in a lot of dogs.
It was a great experience photographing the delightful and gorgeous Rory and meeting Sarah his owner.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sheryl Burnside pastel artist - Papakura

For those of you who love art - as well as their pets - here is a link to a sort-after a pastel artist. Based in Papakura Sheryl Burnside is very talented and undertakes pastel art commissions.
Contact Sheryl to discusss your artwork requirements. Her work is outstanding and the small image quality on the website does not do her stunning work justice... (maybe I will photograph Sheryl's work for her :) )


Here is Meesha - isn't she gorgeous!
A very lovely semi long haired cat with heaps of personality - from another of the pet photo sessions held at Four Seasons...
Don't you love that white chin and those long white whiskers ?
It was so nice photographing you Meesha - Hope to see you and Jenny again one day.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Star - Sharpei puppy

This is the stunning Star - a gorgeous wrinkly Sharpei photographed recently from the Showler Shar Pei Kennel. You can read more about the Sharpei bred here .
I have not been around Sharpei before - being the owner of usually "fluffy" type dogs and found them to be nice dogs, huge paws!, cute ears, very fast waggy tails, very strong with quite different coats. It was great to meet Star and the family!